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Would you drink dirty water?

You wake up and you’re thirsty. Your mouth is bone dry. You need a drink. Imagine your horror when dirty, brown water comes out of the tap or, even worse, no water at all. You look in your cupboards but they are completely bare. You are going to have to drink the dirty water. You go to the bathroom for a shower but no water comes out, and you have to keep wearing the clothes you’ve been wearing for weeks. What would you do in this situation?

Unfortunately, this is a reality for some people across the globe.

“Every day, 1400 children die from diarrhoea caused by dirty water. This is just a proportion of the 4 million deaths from water-related diseases and poor sanitation each year.” [source]

“The South Sudan famine is pushing vulnerable people to the brink – they’re barely surviving on what they can find to eat in swamps.” [source]

“East Africa is in the grip of a devastating food crisis. Millions of families are facing starvation because of droughts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.” [source]

These people rely on charities such as Oxfam UK for their basic human needs such as water, food, and sanitation. Oxfam work hard to help countries facing emergency situations and send aid to prevent the situation turning into a crisis. Oxfam look for effective ways to provide water to poverty stricken countries. They work with the local community to make sure that their methods are cost-effective and will provide long term help for the people.

Providing water, some thing we in the UK take for granted, can help kick-start farming to provide food sources, improve sanitation therefore reducing stress on limited health care and allow people the chance to earn a living.

Help us help them by sponsoring Nexus as we take on a swimming challenge to raise money for Oxfam. On the 22nd March, Nexus and S4 Swim School South Staffordshire will be swimming as many lengths as possible in 15 minutes. Sounds too easy? We’re going to be tying our legs together to make the team work that little bit harder!

Please donate generously to this amazing charity. Click here to donate to our sponsored swim and wish the team luck!

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